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Six Swedes in Ibiza   DVD Synopsis
The six Swedes, after fatiguing erotic adventures in the "Campus" and at the gas "Pump", decide to regenerate on the sunny island Ibiza. But already on the ferryboat they collide with some men and their passports and travelling money are gone. But the black girl Caré, who lives with her lover, an owner of a nightclub, in a lonely, luxurious finca opposite of the Grand Rock, offers them an accomodation. To earn their living, every one of the six Swedes is looking for a holiday job. It is predictable, that the beautiful blonde Swedes turn the island upside down. In the end they find the sailer, in who's cabin passports and money lie. On board of a yacht the Swedes, enriched by some more men acquaintances, brown, healthy, happy and made happy, return back to the continent.

Six Swedes in Ibiza   DVD Cast and Crew
AKA: 6 Schwedinnen auf Ibiza, Vacances Sexuelles
Cast: Olinka Hardiman, Kitty Hilaire, Marianne Aubert
Director: Gerard Loubeau, Charles Parrish
Producer: Erwin C. Dietrich
73 min.
FSK 18
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