Erwin C. Dietrich has been involved in all areas of the film industry, from film production to international distribution. In the 1970s, he was one of the largest film producers in Europe, with an annual output of more than ten films on occasion.
Dietrich, who trained as an actor, recognized early on the potential of the sexual revolution of the 1970s after gaining experience in the domestic film genre, producing anything that promised success, from film series with erotic overtones, which he often also directed, to literary films. He hired well-known European directors like Jess Franco, Fabrizio de Angelis, Riccardo Fredda, Marco Ferreri and Antonio Margheriti, provided ample budgets for their films and engaged known actors.
As the «European Roger Corman», Dietrich encouraged young Swiss filmmakers, such as Xavier Koller (later awarded an Oscar), and Alfi Sinniger by making possible their first film shooting experiences. In the 1980s he expanded the range of his productions to include popular action films like «Code Name: Wild Geese» and «Commando Leopard» as well as comedies like «Ein Schweizer namens Notzli» and «Killer Condom».
Dietrich never allowed himself in any of his endeavors to be tempted into producing films for the purpose of using national film subsidies. He stood with his entire financial engagement behind each of his 112 produced films. He also created a family business, which includes his cinemacomplex in Zurich and the film distribution company Ascot-Elite Entertainment Group, thus making him an irreplaceable and integral part of the European film entity.